Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor
Kenan Ekici

Dancer, Choreographer, Instructor

Kenan’s desire and passion for dancing started way back when he was just a kid. He started dancing hip hop on the streets with the local folks.This went on until 2014 when he officially started doing salsa.
It has been 4 years now since he started salsa and hiphop professionally .By this time not only did he manage to become a teacher but he had also actively participated in different competitions in Turkey (organised by our Turkish National Dance Federation dance ). Kenan has won numerous medals and cups in different categories. He has also gone on to perform both solo and couples shows in different cities in Turkey. He performs
In various categories such as; LA ON 1, NY ON 2, CHA CHA,AFRO,PALO,BACHATA and MEN STYLING. Kenan has managed to develop himself and is looking forward to share his passion for dancing with those who wishes to learn and improve their dancing skills.