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SALSA Classes for Pure Beginners

Our Beginners courses* will take you right ‘from scratch’ – you do not need to have had any dance experience at all.
If you sign up for one of our 8 week Beginners’ courses you will be taught all of the basics of Salsa, as well as all of the ‘Technique’ level moves that you will need in order to progress to Improver level.
Our 8 week courses are designed to prepare you for dancing at Improver level – but we thoroughly recommend that if you are not completely comfortable with what you have learnt during the course that you repeat it before moving on. In our experience we have found that everybody picks different things up at different speeds and we know that it is vital that you can dance what you have been taught without thinking too much as things get a little more tricky at Improver level.

SALSA Classes for Intermediate Level

At Improver level we build upon the moves and techniques that are learnt in either Technique level or our Beginners’ courses.
We use and adapt the moves you know, whilst adding in new ones as well, to build interesting moves and turn patterns that can used whilst dancing. Our emphasis is strongly on teaching moves that are leadable and followable so that you are able to get out onto the dance floor and dance them with fellow Salseros & Salseras.

SALSA Classes for Advanced Level
Additional Complex Movements

At Advanced level the moves taught require a very high level of leading & following skill – including the ability to lead/follow quick direction changes, multiple spins, subtle direction changes, and the ability to continue moving/dancing complex movements whilst leading/following additional complex movements.
Interesting and new ideas are added all of the time and you need to have a very good technical understanding of the dance as well as a high level of practical ability. You are also expected to have a good understanding of both leading & following, and some musical knowledge is essential as you will be taught to express yourself even more ‘to the music’.


Sensual, Intimate, Relaxed, Hip motion

Fast, easy, and fun to learn, it is a great dance to get your feet “wet” in the exciting world of Latin dancing! In this easy to follow eight week course, you will learn all the basics of Bachata, the most romantic of the four Latin nightclub dances.

Salsa Ladies Styling Classes

On Your Feet

Consider the typical learning path for women in salsa: she begins in a group class consisting of both men and women, where everyone learns the same basic steps. After mastering these basics, she seeks out a “Ladies’ Styling” class, where she learns how to use her arms and body movement to make the same steps look more feminine, That is styling.

This Course will focus on the fundamentals of styling and body isolation, coordination, balance, posture and proper styling technique .

Salsa Men Styling Class

Enhance your Dance

This course will help you add comfortable body movements, styling and footwork that will add sabor (flavour) to your dancing. You will learn specific techniques and exercises such as body isolations movements, greater agility, flexibility, posture & positioning, good spinning technique, Cuban & rumba actions and footwork exercises/combinations to encourage quick feet.

KIDS Programs

Salsa Classes for Children

All We Need is a Beat

Helps to Build Confidence, Developing Body Movement, Learn Musicality , Social Skills

HIP HOP Classes for Kids

School ‘s Out Lets DANCE

This class is a favorite among many of children. Kid’s Hip Hop Classes Are All About Movement,Improvisation & Physical Conditioning.
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Professional Instructors

Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible.

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